Our services

Since 125 years we have specialized in high-grade coatings for industrial large-scale and small-scale productions, with a team of 300 employees today. Together with our customers and partners we open up new paths for technological innovation and realize them in a sustainable and efficient way.

  • 300 qualified employees
  • 30.000 m² production area
  • Cutting-edge plant technologies for preparatory treatment and painting
  • 12 fully air-conditioned robot painting plants for water-soluble or solvent-based 1- to 3- layer paint systems
    • 28 robots for pretreatment, painting and drying
  • Global customer base in the automotive industry, medical technology, electronics industry, white goods
  • More than 200.000 parts produced every day
  • Certified in accordance with IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Our core competence: Innovative high-grade industrial coatings

Difficult painting tasks are our passion: Complex part geometries, painting systems that are difficult to handle, requirements for highly-varied process parameters, completely new coating applications. Based on our extensive experience, cutting-edge plant technology and cooperative relations to our customers and suppliers, we have met every challenge that we have been confronted with until this day.


As a systems supplier, we are able to cover the entire procurement process for parts and tools together with our strong partners and our inhouse project management teams. For elaborate coatings in particular, we need to ensure high quality along the entire value chain. Flawless raw parts are often decisive for the overall quality outcome. As the responsible systems supplier, we can deploy our extensive experience to exert immediate influence on raw part design and manufacturing.


CO2 Cleaning

CO2 cleaning is a dry cleaning procedure for the mechanical cleaning of parts using dry ice pellets. In accordance with automotive standards (e.g. DBL 7384, BMW 94007), our CO2 cleaning robots are fully integrated in our painting plants. The robot-operated nozzles are well-suited to clean complex geometries alike.  In order to ensure a consistently high quality of CO2 pellets, we produce them inhouse shortly before usage. Because of the dry cleaning procedure, scooping parts as well as masked or stencilled parts, can also undergo pretreatment.


Fluorination is a chemical procedure to improve wetting behaviour and adhesion of parts. Critical plastics, such as polyolefines, may be treated with fluorine gas in a vacuum chamber to enable subsequent coating or printing. Compared to other activation processes, fluorination is better suited for complex part geometries and activates them in an even and persistent manner.



Painting parts with innovative coating systems, which are often difficult to handle, is our core competence.  We produce large- and small-scale series on fully-automated robot paint plants to ensure highest quality levels. Our painting plants are fully air-conditioned (temperature, humidity) and enable the fully interlinked painting of 1- to 3-layer painting systems. Our paint supply systems are designed as multi-component systems (2C, 3C). For small-scale production, we also provide two flatbed painting machines and several manual painting cabins.

UV curing painting systems

UV curing painting systems allow for protective coatings with exceptional scratch and abrasion resistance.  They assume visual appearances that range from high gloss (piano black) to black panel and therefore often find application in the automotive interior.



Chrome effect

Chrome effect painting replicates genuine chromium plating with different design effects (e.g. VW/Audi 3Q7 & L-BT5, Daimler Silver Shadow, BMW Perlglanz, Porsche Alushine). Besides recreating typical chrome shades, chrome effect painting can also reproduce dark chrome surfaces (e.g. VW/Audi L-QZ1 & L-UY9). Chrome effect painting can be applied, among others, to PC, PMMA, ABS-PC, PP/EPDM and ABS, therefore superseding expensive galvano ABS or costly multi-component tools. As a further advantage, corrosion and embrittlement effects are eliminated. The use of chrome effect painting in both the automotive interior and exterior is approved in accordance with automotive standards (e.g. TL 211). Therefore, chrome effect painting constitutes an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional chromium plating based on chromium VI.



Plain colour and effect painting, functional painting

Plain colour and effect painting increases the product value of plastic parts. They attribute any desired design with regard to colour and feel. Moreover, they support a high resistance against different environmental impacts. We apply functional coatings as a protection against corrosion (protective coating), to create electric conductivity or to prevent acustic squeaking.

Powder coating

In consideration of the continously increasing VOC regulation, powder coating represents an environmentally friendly and VOC free alternative for the coating of temperature-resistant materials. Our broad range of automated plants and manual coating cabins allows for large and small parts to be coated in a flexible and low-emission way.



Functional refinements


Our laser-etching plants realize various symbols and letterings in a day/night design. Furthermore, different plastics and metals can be labelled based on shade alteration. For large-scale series in particular, we have fully automated laser-etching machines at our disposal, which have an integrated camera-based optical quality control.

Vacuum aluminisation

Through aluminisation in a high vacuum process we can add a qualitatively refined surface to reflectors. An even, homogenous surface is of utmost importance for any metallisation. We realize this surface by applying a powder coat or wet paint primer. Based on our diverse plant technologies, we are able to perform the entire process inhouse.

Screen printing, pad printing

Besides laser-etching, we likewise offer printing services based on screen and pad printing on painted surfaces as well as on plastics and metals. Flat surfaces of sizes up to 600 x 300 mm are imprinted single- and multicolored with our screen printing machines. For curved shapes, we use the pad printing technique to imprint areas of up to 200 x 100 mm.


Reaching beyond our core services

Based on a closed meshed network of competent partners, we assume tool design, tool construction and raw part procurement as a fully responsible systems supplier. Assembly tasks, commissioning and related logistics are naturally performed inhouse alike.

Quality management and quality assurance

Highest quality standards are our most important ambition.

Our certified quality management and environmental management systems ensure systematic processes throughout our business. Our quality teams accompany all processes in an joint effort with our project management – from the earliest raw part designs to afterlife production. Based on our extensive experience and competence, we strive to avoid mistakes already in early phases of the project, thus creating a basis for a seamless process. In our inhouse testing laboratory, we have various measuring and testing devices at our disposal. They are deployed for initial sampling tests as well as for continous testing during series production. By virtue of our laboratory, we are able to perform numerous mandatory testings inhouse in direct spatial and temporal proximity, e.g. DBL 7384 / 7382, PTL 5536, TL 226 & BMW GS 97045_2. Further measurement devices, e.g. high-resolution microscopes and automated part measurement devices, allow for a rapid analysis of defect root causes and enable taking targeted action.


Please take a look into an excerpt of our references from the autmotive, electronics and medical technology industries.



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